Where the everyday fades away and the world becomes extraordinary again.

Ever wondered what’s outside your window, under the sea?

Step on board and discover the secrets of the deep on a virtual reality voyage of discovery

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What’s a Travel State of Mind?

You know, it’s how you see things when you travel. When the everyday fades away and the world becomes extraordinary again. When you become you again. Explorer, philosopher, bon vivant; braver, bolder and ready for anything. Spontaneous adventure or just one more waffle. Sounds good, non? So isn’t it time you rediscovered yours?

6 Steps to a Travel State of Mind

Pack small, live big

Passport in hand, the world at your feet and endless possibilities ahead. That’s where a travel state of mind starts.

So lighten up a little and get set to go grand.

36 hours in Brussels

Our top picks for a jam-packed trip to Belgium’s capital.

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Ask a local, not your phone

André here or an app, there's just no competition when it comes to local knowledge.

So swap your screen for a cheery “salut” and discover some of the city’s secret spots.

Parlez-vous français?

Although these French words may look familiar, all is not what it seems.

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Lunch Longer

Whether you're diving into a big bowl of bouillabaisse or savouring every crumb of a heavenly macaron, take time to ponder life’s big questions.

Like “why are we here?” and “how many is too many croissants?”.

Where to: lunch longer

Stop for a bite and stay until the sun goes down.

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Bring back more than just a tan

Un grand fromage, a Belgian brew or two, or new friends and renewed joie de vivre, the best souvenirs come in all shapes and sizes.

How to: bring back more than just a tan

The Eurostar guide to getting more from your getaway.

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Look up

Gargoyles and stained glass, blue sky and sunshine or ooh, le Moulin Rouge.

Change your point of view and get a whole new perspective. Just look out for lamp posts.

Start looking up

There’s more to see than you think, you just have to look for it.

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Say yes and see what happens

Mais oui, oh ja or pourquoi pas? However you say it, travel makes you think positively, take the plunge and embrace the extraordinaire.

So allez allez allez…

Oui, ja or yes

However you say it and wherever you are, this one little word can take you far.

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Destination inspiration

Rediscover your travel state of mind in Paris

By asking locals for tips, vloggers Steve Booker and Alexia discovered fresh Breton crêpes at Breizh Café and the quietest time to visit the Louvre, before tucking into mouth-watering ramen at Higuma. Sunday started with coffee at Coutume Café before hitting Saint Ouen flea market and the Sacré Cœur. After a quick stop at A.P.C. it was on to the Palais Royal and – naturellement - the Eiffel Tower.

Steve says, "Paris is a great place to feel inspired and escape the ordinary. After a short weekend away, I can take that feeling back with me so I'm ready to start the week."

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